Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Parveen Kulkarni Sir...

He's a gem of made easy.Simply great.He deals with almost 5 subjects of paper 1 of IES  i.e. Thermodynamics,fluid mechanics,RAC, IC Engines and power plant.
 He has himself prepared rigorously for IAS and unluckily failed.But he had achieved under 10 rank in IES one or two times.And he judiciously uses his hard work to make it easy fro us.Being a student for long time he intrinsically knows where a student struggles and what can confuse him.So he makes things as easy and as simple it can get.
  He puts a lot of energy in teaching.And expects the student to behave the same way.Dozing or chatting in class a bit won't do at all.Dangerous fellow that way.But is friendly with extra inquisitive students which i don't like.There is always this one irritating fellow who poses highly stupid questions and tries to speak as much as he can.Though his courage is commendable and sometimes entertains but mostly a put off.
  You should see his facial expressions as he repeats again and again seemingly simple but dicey fundamentals.He takes care that a student remembers a concept and thus owns some suggestive examples for few topics.
I recall a interesting incident when he said to some guy going outside for toilet break during class that it is a throttling process.Funny yet squeamish.


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  3. well said dear !!! but i m shocked with ur last line !! is it true ??? :P

  4. yes he is very effective teaching sir i ever seen........
    we never forget his words that " R U FOLLOING OR NOT '

  5. Throttling process in what term

  6. he is just great.............
    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

  7. Made Easy or KAME or ACE in Hyderabad for regular batch for 2018 GATE. Damm confused. Would be very much thankful if one can help

    1. Kame is the best place at this time for gate ese