Friday, 30 August 2013

While preparing for a competitive exams..

I know i may not be a authority on this, but i have gathered a few experiences which i feel like sharing with everyone

"Everyone knows the way, but only few walk on it"

This is absolutely true in coaching scenario. Everybody knows to study regularly, not to leave the examples, homework pending etc etc. But a few more tips from my side.

1. Don't get frustrated while solving questions.
You may not get them at once , you may not see the solution, you might be making silly mistakes and there would always be one student in class who will be doing them alright faster than you.Yes, there are students in class who are from NIT'S or IIT'S or even toppers who seem to know and understand things before hand, giving answers etc etc. But you have your own positives too. IES is not about all these things. It's more about perseverance, constant work and dedication. And you need yourself a seat you are not in direct competition with them. There is place on top for both and many others.
Personally speaking, i did not find the names of brilliant students of my class in IES list.Some got PSU's and were lost there, some were overconfident and god knows for what reasons BUT they are simply not there.
"Be competitive, but with yourself" 
Do your best everyday. Don't get frustrated with others or even yourself. Trust me frustrations takes away all the energies and make you stressed making you waste more time than you can afford.

2.You tend to forget more than you expect from yourself.

It is completely normal to forget the subjects you ve read thrice, wondering whether you wrote these notes yourself, and the formulas you solved 100 questions.
It's alright and if you practice and revise there is a huge chance you will recall them in exams. But don't forget to revise subjects periodically, make notes, formula copy etc. These things save time when exam is near and you need to be confident.

3. Skipping test, exams..

 Yes i know you are not prepared, your study schedule has not went the right way,test is just waste of time and i definitely know it's better to study than face the exam unprepared. We all give ourselves petty excuses because now we ve got to face ourselves while attempting the exam. Please..please,, wash your face and go and take that exam. You would know what formulas or areas need revising, what topics you are not best thus leave then , strong points, how to manage time, mark bubbles and the list is long.  It's more like facing your fears. Until you suffer the humiliation of forgetting the most obvious thing , doing a simple calculation mistake , rejecting a simple question thinking it's tough etc etc you will not be ready to take the real exam. It is so much better to do all this in mock test instead of real exam. MOst importantly devise your strategy of attempting exams and improve it. 

I may write the few more things but i would first like to know the impact of this post. Without feedback all this effort seems to go all waste.To you i may be another big mouth person teaching you boring things..


  1. Another gr8 article frm u,
    earlier i used to think that test series are not for me but this article has changed my mind.

    Keep writing, atleast one person is regularly watching ur articles. :)

  2. and by the way ur page has total 30685 hits (when i was writing this comment), u can't disappoint ur readers.

    Keep going & keep writing.

    1. i already told u that ur words r lik medicines, if someone takes it regularly he will be healed. I think u had noticed the page hit(35092 while i was writing).
      i think u r the next JHUMPA LAHIRI or CHETAN BHAGAT......
      Plz note:- all of the above oiling is for ur next article "TIME MANAGMENT for students like us". I am stuck to one of my paper since a month & is able to solve almost every prob from that paper BUT WHAT ABT OTHER..
      Plz suggest somethng

    2. Ha ha ha ... Good buttering!!! I am feeling elated...
      What sort of time management are you talking..During exam or during preparation..??
      I 'll be happy to write about it once i know a little more..

  3. I am glad to know someone follows it regularly..
    Keeps me motivated..
    Thanks Vishal..

    1. need some suggestion to manage time .....
      ( not getting enough time to revise and practice)

      Keep going & keep writing.

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  4. hey ur blog is getting a number of hits, i think u should try

    have u tried
    i wish this type of website were available for IES as well.
    Hope u work on it.

    1. I could monetize my blog Vishal but then i have to disclose my identity and detalis which i would rather keep a secret.
      Secondly i personally get irritated with the pop up adds..I would'nt want the same my readers too.
      Website idea is nice.I would try it in future..
      Thanks Vishal for expressing yourself..I find it very encouraging..

  5. Cöngrats for ur golden success mam! M a cs student preparing for gate frm m.e. Bhopal! I searched made easy faculty on google n found only dis blog! I realy want to have sumthng abt cs faculty, reddy sir, sagar sir, bala sir, venkat sir! All of them are so brilliant! Also i found ur blog very motivating! I want u to share hw to prepare n focus wen u hav only 3 months left for d xam! As i have nt visited my home since 5 months! M feelng home sick! Thus i cnt focus nwadays! Hope diwali vaccations wil help me out!

    1. Thanks Mayank..
      You have given me nice idea here...
      I will work on it.
      You might see a post on it on few days..
      And as i was Mech student i was not aware of C.S. teachers..
      Thanks again for writing..

  6. it should be for both .....
    1. During preparation---...they r talking abt "Thinking out of d Box" but how could i do that when my mind is out of the window.....means how to concentrate more...

    2. During that exhausting 2 & 2+2 & 3+3 exam hours....,, the last 3+3 hrs r more frustrating than anythng else....last time i was feeling sleepy for that 6hrs of mind juggling exam in one single day.

  7. hello mam.. thanks for sharing your experience with us.... ur every post inspired me a lot.... I m preparing for ies 2016... my branch is electronic and telecommunication... I didn't join any classes.... I m doing self study.... so if possible can you please write a post related to planning and strategy and especially how to prepare notes for conventional paper.. so that it can help us awl..

  8. Its was awesome, thanks for your valuable guidance , we will definitely try our level best to apply this as much as possible in our preparation.looking forward for most post from u.

  9. Hello Vishal, it is very good to learn about your experiences. Most of the people who are trying to prepare for the competitive exams go through nervousness and a feeling of "giving it up" off and on. But studying Competitive Exams Study Material and being consistent towards the goal is the best suggestions anybody could give you.

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  12. Thanks for sharing such motivational tips. keep sharing your tips.

  13. thank you for your time to write this blog and help the gate aspirants also!

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  15. During last 2 months you should:
    Go through the topics which are important.
    You should not read any new topic in during last days.
    Revise the textbook material daily - You would be familiar with the books now.
    Take the test series tests at least 2 times a week.
    Don’t take too much stress and sleep well.
    Best of Luck for your GATE exam

  16. Your posts gives me a glimmer of hope, im still a wandering hobo with no sense of direction but i guess sometimes all you need is a little motivation from post like yours! Wish me luck for 2018