Friday, 25 October 2013

When few days are left for IES and you know you have not done enough!!!

I have reached in a blissful slumber state after my selection.Though there is boredom now after 3 and half years of constant tension, i no longer need to prove myself in life. Thanks to "Mayank Tiwari" for suggesting a nice topic to write and i urge other curious people to suggest topics according to their experiences with IES.

I did not define the time limit in my blog like 3 months or six months or 1 month. It only depends on your state of mind. In short when exam is close enough for you to start worrying which again depends on your state of mind. Saurav Tiwari sir said in one class "There is no perfect time to start preparing" and he is absolutely true. Recall in engineering days one night was enough for a subject which we were give a whole semester to study or sessionals when one lunch hour was enough. We are obviously not talking about seriousness of the exam but the point of not losing your heart and of course time when you feel your preparation is inadequate for exam. Trust me!! there is no point worrying over this. You can start your preparation even a week before exam (not that i am advising you to do it). Whatever it is you have not read or done, please don't get disappointed. Because then you would need a smoke, good meal or session with friends to so called cheer you up and you would end up losing more time than ever and again feeling guilty about it. My dear friends it's an endless cycle.
Things often won't go as you planned. You would wake up an hour late, Food won't come up in time, Your girlfriend or boyfriend might take long time to finish off (call or meeting), Parents may irritate you till your limit. Please don't be upset and take a deep breath and remind yourself this time won't stay forever.You have to take one step at a time to leave this coaching phase everyday.

Well whenever you decide that time left is less and some urgent measures are needed then you can follow my plan which i followed.It may or may not help.Please make suitable adjustments according to your need.

1.  At whatever time you wake up, wash your face and start studying. If possible already earmark the subject you are going to study.
2.   At least after 2 hour take a break to eat or bath. It offers a opportunity to refresh once more.
3. Try to take two subjects in a day, one theoretical and one numerical.When sleepy start solving numericals and when exhausted of numbers read theoretical one.
4. Time is less, don't aim to finish a subject inside out or start to end. Meaning don't go too deep in topics nor you need to do every chapter at one go.You can change subjects everyday on your choice, starting from where you left last time. As you would gradually need to look back to revise, automatic revision will take place.
5. Read notes (class notes or your own) again and again instead of books as time is less. If you start your prep now (october) i would like to advise solve books now
6. Needless to say start solving previous year papers. IES is very repetitive and often questions are asked from same topics every year. So. even if you haven't studied much you would have a clear idea about important topics.
7.  If you see a certain topic appearing again make a point to revise it. If you are planning to leave a subject completely skim for topics who have maximum chance of coming, read it once.
8.  Don't forget giving the test series as i ve already explained it's importance.

As i ve told time is less don't bother with tough topics or subjects. It's unlikely IES exam will be comprised of all the hard topics. It's a mix, more often of easy questions with a pinch of hard ones. You must take steps to grab the easy ones and leave the hard ones. After all cut off is hardly 50% of total..

That's it for now...I will update if i recall anything. Please feel free to comment or ask any doubts about the post


  1. Dear student, what is if someone start to go for IES from Feb, as you given tips starting by october have the same by February also.

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  2. Hi!
    i've recently attempted GATE 2014 EE.My exam is a bit disappointing and i think it is because of my lack of practice. i just was good in concepts but lacked practice. so i ask u that,being good in core concepts,is this 3 months time (march, April, may) sufficient for me to crack IES? if yes, how should i do that?

    should i once again start revising theory and go for practising previous papers? or should i simultaneously practice along with revising theory?
    and what should be the way of preparation for conventional papers?
    one more doubt is, how often do questions(or same concepts) get repeated in IES papers?should i feel confident if i am able to solve them?
    thank you in advance and nice posts.keep going :)

    1. I guess i am too late to reply..
      Sorry i was busy.
      What are you doing nowadays??

  3. Hii... I want to take ies2015.. if I start preparing now ,should I get enough time to clear ies? Pls help me how I can study by mysrlf.. I cant get coaching from classes since im married n I have a kid too.. pls help me.. your suggestions ll help me alot.. thanks

  4. Yes you can prepare. No time is a prefect time. See the syllabus and precious year question papers first. Buy standard books and start brushing up on your fundamentals.

    I can understand it will be difficult. But take it up as a challenge if you want to become something.
    If it helps my mom too got a job after having me. I'll be here to motivate you.

  5. Hii..i am an ex student of made easy and is preparing for ies..i hv appeared ies 2014 but my conventnl paper was not satisfactory..can u plz guide me in preparing for my conventnl portion? It will b of grt help..Thanks

  6. Thanks for the great motivation.

  7. Respected Sir/Mam,
    . I am willing to prepare for IES-2016 Batch, I have started from 20March, upto now I am not satisfied with my study excluded 2 hours for sleeping and 8 hrs for office. Technical part II is already ok, can you please suggest about Technical part I, which subjects will be mostly effective for scoring.... I can't understand Thermodynamics.

  8. Dear Sir ,
    I want to prepare with job please give me some tips as my work timings are 9 - 5 . so from 8AM - 6PM. I have no time ,for balanced time please give me advice or any time table for preparing state engineering service. i am from madhya pradesh and my exam is in april 2017

  9. great post..only 14 days are left for my ies exam and i came across this..feeling relieved and hopeful once again for sure...