Tuesday, 23 July 2013

IES Medical..

This blog is purely informational in nature. This may help you when you have a medical date. Then this would prepare you on what to expect..Unlike me where everything was a confusion...

Well, at first you are give a lot of forms which you are supposed to fill and keep it with you untill asked for which is at different rooms, stages. Yes, This form has identical 3 forms so fill it without questioning. Then your height and weight are taken. Underweights are told to fill themselves up with water or food. You can also request a few kgs added as a person did in my board. Staff is usually helpful and willing to declare you fit so feel free to request whenever appropriate.
  Then you would be divided into two groups and taken following rooms with no specific order

1. Eye Check up

Here an irritated and irritating doctor put torch in my eyes and asked whether i had any surgery done. Then he showed me ishihara colourblindness slides which i had already googled. But there it seems different as he put torch over the glossy paper making dots looking unreal and confusing. But he doesn't minds missing a slide or two.
Then you are shown a white board with circles having gaps.You have to tell on which side gap is there. They show you tiniest line with one eye and hurried manner.Again they don't mind little mistakes.
I felt perplexed and confused as they give no time to adjust eye aperture but it's fine with them

2. B.P and pulse rate

A physician take your bp and pulse. Then they make you jump 20 times and take your pulse again.

3. Urine Test

It's highly embarrassing.No segregation of males and females They issue you a a bottle which you are supposed to fill in a dirty bathroom of your gender.You can take your own sweet time. You can even see other people carrying their filled bottles with different colours. I felt like vomiting and huge ..
breach of privacy.

4.X ray

Well in this you are supposed to take out every cloth from upper part and wear a gown. You are then asked to keep your chin on a metal curved bar and stick your chest on the metal plate placed parallel to you. You breathe deep and hold it till he says it's over. Og course timing is different for girls and boys.

There is another test separately  for males and females. For females i can assure no embarrassing  moments untill you are married and for males i have no information.

Between all these tests you flip from one room to another and there is lot of waiting involved as hospital is seeing patients too which understandably are their priority. You can bring friends who easily mesh up with the crowd. Don't disturb your parents as they will have to wait a lot. It's only in the evening you are allowed to go. If there is something wrong they ask you to do the test again..

P.S. The above information is ture based on my board and experience. Your experience my vary so please use common sense. Above all it's just an information..


  1. thank you so much ma'am...can you please tell.... are the candidates who've undergone an eye surgery (lasik / ICL) before are allowed or rejected ?? Bcoz i am preparing for IES and i have a very high myopic power and i may undergo a surgery in few months.......

    thank you in advance........!! :)

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  2. ca a hepetitis patient clear this ies medical?

  3. can color blindness be a reason for failure in medical test?? plz tell me i am preparing for IES in mechanical???

    1. Yes it can be a problem for few services. You need to check services where you are eligible.

    2. From where one can know which services allow color blind people in electronics and telecommunication?

  4. What is the myopic range required for railways....... ? And if we won't satisfy the range then what they going to do with us ??? And if we are at the margin do they declare fit ???

  5. I have a bad eye sight. (-)3 spherical and (-)0.5 cylindrical in both eyes. No colorblindness. Am I eligible for IES?

    1. I recall +/- 4 is valid. But plaese check the details at UPSC.

  6. hello...
    i am mechanical engineering student...plz give me tips for preparing ies 2015....i want to clear this....plz help

  7. I can not see from one of my eye...but the other one is perfect....will i rejected??

  8. what is the min height required for IES

  9. do over weight matter in selection sir

  10. I have metal plates and screws in my left forearm, will i be rejected? If yes, ri wat all services will i be rejected? And for wat will i be considered?

  11. I have slight thoracic kyphosis.Will I be rejected?

  12. i have squint i am eligible in psus jobs or not???

  13. If , candidate have minor problem in finger, then will it matter or not

  14. I have my eye powers above 6 ,Before how much months i have to my lansic surgeory in order to get pass in medical examination of IES