Tuesday, 30 August 2011

How i got this idea...

When i started taking coaching really seriously after few failed interviews and bad gone exam that i actually started wondering why i have to commit all these mistakes myself.Well the answer was i didn't had anybody to guide me.I blame most of the blunders in my life because of this only.I may be wrong but frankly i never had this strong feeling towards a single vocation.i wanted to be pilot,IPS officer,psychologist,choreographer,sports person at different times of my life.

As usual i was given option to be either engineer or doctor and i chosed the first option because i can't stand blood,stink etc.

I am having this feeling that writing this is going to waste my considerable amount of time.But i must find time to do this because i feel i have information which is worthy of sharing.

I too have some selfish motive to be a notable blogger and eventually a novelist.So with baring my soul i'll bare all things i ve learnt along the way..
And i hope somebody will read it one day and say thanks if not in words then in heart..


  1. I want to join MADE EASY(HYDERABAD)...is it best for gate and IES???? please reply ....

    1. I am sorry for replying so late.. Not the best but cheap accommodation and cheap fees does it. Class schedule is hectic and top class teachers are not provided at all times..