Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What made easy taught me.

          When i came to Made Easy i was just wide eyed farzi engineer having no idea of what future has in for me,What i have in me or what i want.I was stupid, idiot and i don't know what else i think most importantly NON SERIOUS.

     First few days or may i say months were spent getting the hang of things.Knowing what terms like laws,assumptions etc meant. Though i thought i know a lot at that time i was practically naive. I was proud to be able to do classes for so long.Bragged about it . But coming back i just collapsed and hardly opened the book.I thought i was quick minded to absorb the things. But this was not so.With time as i gained knowledge i lost confidence on my so called sharp brain. I saw people working twice as hard,getting selected,going away all the time.I kept on waiting for my time.There was always something to do in the corner.Some chapters to read from book, some questions to solve some concepts to understand.Things were not easy as they seemed. Whenever i felt i have done a topic there was always a question,a exam to challenge me.Sometimes i took things light heartedly sort of chalta hai attitude. It did me wrong. People who struggled with concepts went ahead. My all confidence was lost. I forgot things easily,sometimes didn't paid attention to minor things,did calculation or unit mistakes. A time came when i was just lost. My classmates were getting ahead,time was passing, few results but no job.You know everytime i was asked what i was doing my heart skipped 10 beats.I stopped going any where, talking to friends.I never thought this could happen to me.Time, money,selections just slipped by.

       But then i took admission in this college where i am the only made easy student around.I see now these 2 years have changed me.I want to learn now, not just pass, i actually do questions in class get appreciated.Now i am passionate about learning.I know how real life changing teachers are.All of my teachers are below the mark made easy teachers like amit kakkar sir, parveen kulkarni sir etc.Even in class i keep on thinking how these teahers have taught the same concept. How boring, unpassionate ordinary teachers are! Somewhere i my heart i too want to be a teacher.In class i feel like telling them you sit and let me teach.
              My knowledge in every field(thanks to GS classes!) is far from anyone here.Even in terms of concepts I could compete with teachers sometimes.
       Though sometimes it feels stupid to be here.Everyone is so ignorant. So lazy,so imcompetent, so unpassionate i get irritated sometimes. But that was how i was before made easy happened.I always wanted to me to be like this.A real engineer, a real intellectual,whom everyone respects for her knowledge.In fact i am considered so out of the world intellectual that no guy talks to me for non study purpose.My boyfriend always imagined me up like that.No matter how much i joke, i just can't be part of students here.Sooner or later i am found telling them something and they listening wide eyed.And obiviously asking how do you things like that.

       I don't know whether all the trouble,all the time ,all the money was worth it.But i find myself turning out to be as i wanted to be.Right from my child hood.I can finally say i am good at something, teachers could sense i am different.I come around as girl of substance and knowledge, not pseudo intellectual.And of course the confidence that comes with it.So i don't have to fake a attitude(Which i never had in first place).I am no more a good figure,okay face.I am someone to be looked upto.Finally i am taken SERIOUSLY.


  1. Hi from one made easy student :)
    First of all i like your blogs esp on ONGC and amit kakkar sir :) and i was amazed to know about his achievements because of the kind attitude he has in class and how he use to mention about his importance.He once mentioned about getting 2 gold medals from president and which made me think "kuch jayda hi faikta hai" :P but after knowing his achievement i really feel He is really a genius and now i believe each and every word of him :) Sadly i didn't get chance to get acquainted with him (though he pointed me in very fist class of him of fluid mechanics :) and gave lecture for 10 mins) and tomorrow is last class of him :) But thanks to you that u enlightened me about him.
    Keep posting your blogs :)as i see u don't write much these day ...!!hope u write something nice soon !!