Sunday, 18 September 2011

ONGC Exam written test..

I was according to me well prepared.I had made up my mind to clear this exam once and for all and settle up my life giving up my dream for IES.Reasons are following
1.My mom is sick of paying me.
2.My friends are all settled up in their pathetic job which pays them well enough to buy good clothes and pose on facebook.I am jealous.
3.I am tired of ducking people i knew once because i feel embarrassed to tell them what i am doing nowadays.
4.One good friend of mine made a very unkind and egoistic comment of him being in BHEL when i asked him to help me.Well for all i know he is there just because he is an OBC.
5.I am exhausted of feeling guilty of every pleasure i take with money or without cause i feel i am wasting my time.

I went up to the exam center expecting an empty classroom as i thought everyone would be gone for BHEL.But i was awfully wrong.I never saw such an attendence since GATE.I was wrong about one thing more.Standard of paper.

I guess everyone would agree that it was a way too much than we face usually.Do i have to remember every article of God damn constitution.There was regionalism as 4 question out of forty were from Tamil.I could answer only 1 question confidently about frontier gandhi.Are we supposed to do very special preparation for GENERAL studies.I guess we need to join Vajiram for that.And what's up with 2008 terrorist attacks.We were supposed to write people of police department who were killed in it and their designations.I could forgive ONGC for Lok pal Q.After all this was the talk of year in which i actively participated.And still don't know Anna Hazare's full name.

First of all i want to kill the person responsible for making this paper.I can stand everything but how were we supposed to do it without calculator.How can we find Taylor's coefficient and efficiency of Diesel engine with cut off ration 1.78 and compression ratio 13 with our fingers and pen.Theory of machines was the rampant with two subjective Q.One of pulley drive and one on Gear drive.I had left both the topic while revising but tried my luck.But hate it.I had enough time but calculations were simply impossible.And options were simply of no help.I ve never seen such a illogical exam.Exam can be tough but this one was impossible.But i guess cut off will be less.So i am keeping my fingers crossed and praying.
And you also join your hands and pray that you never face such exam without calculators which is not allowed.
I don't know what ONGC wanted to prove.But thank God for no negative marking.That could make me a dead body.

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