Monday, 25 March 2013


After failing in HPCL. BEL and CIL serially in interviews i had decided i had enough of this mechanical engineering. So i didn't fill any forms and decided to move on with my life in m tech in totally unrelated field. I had been doing good in that too considering i topped my university and was selected for going to USA in june. BUt suddenly my life decided to take again a surprise turn. I get a call for IES interview.After getting kicked out in 5 PSU interviews wasting 2 years of my life actually 3 after calculating mtech year too.

I had decided to do my m tech and all.But no i can't decide anything for myself according to god.Now i am so torn between college and this interview. If i concentrate on interview i lose my position in m tech and if i concentrate on college come on i can never do this stupid mistake. I am so scared of giving this interview. I don't want to fail in this interview another interview.Sorry i can't think of anything funny to express this insecurity this fear.
Please pray for me..

And if ANYBODY can help me to give any information regarding the interview please contact me or leave a comment.
And all those who are still preparing and hoping for it.. trust me it is not as difficult as it sounds..I was practically surprised for my selection..

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