Sunday, 25 September 2011

Krishnan sir..Strength of materials..

I am not very sure of his name because he never tells his own name or introduction.So we all can just guess about his name.I think it is S M Krishna.He is i think faculty at some engineering college may be NIT Warangal as he speaks a lot about university exams.
 He is part of trio of teachers which makes Mechanical Engineering a pleasure at Made Easy the other two being Amit sir and Kulkarni sir.He handles a mammoth subject like strength of materials and makes it feather like.I don't think any teacher gives the feeling of Deja Vu as he does in own subject.All the bending and torsion which gave us shivers becomes something done with hand.First time in our life i got to understand what questions means.Getting acquainted with jargon is itself biggest achievement.
 He seems to be a father like figure and respectable.Though my recent brief experiences with made easy teachers proves they are just lesser mortals otherwise.Out of class they are vulnerable,so unsure and with questionable character.May be i kept in too high esteem for that matter.Too much expectations and assumptions on my part.
 Well i have hardly seen him really angry on whatever condition is.He has a temper of saint,like a line on water..barely there.He starts speaking in anger,mutters too what now's and gets conscious of their frequency and smiles in no time.Any thing that could divert his attention in that mood.But i really want that nobody irks him too much.He seems to be such a good human being and nice soul it seems a sin to trouble him anyway.
 He teaches very passionately and responsibly.I feel if somebody doesn't understands anything he personally feels bad and goes out of his way to repeat anything n no of times.When on stage he teaches like he is worshiping God.With complete conviction and dedication.It really hurts me when somebody makes fun of his what now's.Come on spare him guys.Even if you try you can't be even one millionth part of him as a human or Som teacher.
 I like it when he asks questions and doesn't get favourable reply despite of his sincere efforts.He smiles more to himself and starts explaining it all over again.No hint of attitude.The answer of his questions is infinity most of the times.
My suggestion is to read his notes n no of times and solve questions.Because our memory is very fickle.We tend to forget quickly.Even if we think it is impossible to forget things like that.You can never trust your brain exam.Take it from me.


  1. realy he is a best teacher as well as a best human...............

    thank you sir.............

    i m very grateful to get guidance from him.

  2. I am very thankful to krishna sir. He shows me a right path regarding the SOM's my pleasure to have a teacher like krishna sir. I think no one can teach som like SIR.

    Thankyou so much sir for your support and guidance

  3. there are 2 kinds of teachers in this world..
    1. who just want to teach so that he get some money,that's it..
    2. who teaches because he want his students to touch the pinnacles of success with their knowledge..
    teachers like Krishna sir belongs to the 2nd category..

    He has his concepts crystal clear in SOM and he is an awesome human being too.. i really respect him.. he is awesome soul with powerful aura.. i wish GOD give us more teachers like him..

    i am really grateful to him for showering his valuable knowledge and concepts to us.. it feels really lucky to have teachers like him..

  4. Respected Admin, After going through this article about Krishna Sir, my enthusiasm for listening his classes become doubled, as i am currently taking coaching for ESE at Made Easy in hyderabad..I am really thankful for sharing such a valuable piece of information about him..Thank you

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  6. First of all I am sorry sir, hats off to you for the thorough concept you taught to me...In my first class I feel sleepy bcos through out my academic I hate mos and advance mos, but u change my way of thinking. n now I feel it's the best paper which not only improve ur knowledge in design it shapes the brain to think practically.Thank you sir

  7. So kind nature ... for me he is like god... because when I join made easy I haven't any idea about som (as You know uptu private collage's teacher haven't any idea about any subject) but when I completed my som classes .... everything is cleared about SOM & MD... thank u so much sir !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. He is the best teacher in my life .......

  9. I need Krishna sir's strength of materials notes.
    Can anyone please post it here.