Thursday, 21 June 2012

IES made easy solutions are wrong

WEll i got to find a very interesting part about made easi ies 2012 solutions given on it's website.It's that in Paper 2 staggering 26 questions are wrong. Yes and in paper 3 only 3questions are wrong.Well if you are looking for right answers you can visit .

I know most of the students have already done their part of answer checking and now must be basking in glory of it enjoying holidys. But not those who are not sure about ies, how must be gearing up for the next PSU exam.WEll i am kind of struck in middle.I ve got enough marks but nobady is sure how much are enough so i am hanging in the middle. Meanwhile i ve decided to get in PSU and keep on syudying till i clear it next year with 1st rank (imagination)

It was actually a easy paper and i got so depressed in last days that i gave up on it.I always regret not studying more while giving the exam.i did so many wrong answers and overconfident answers. I am still kind of upset but atleast i found out IES is not above my level.It's just required more practise and concentration.I actually contemplated not giving the exam a night before but carried on as i thought it would feel worse later.

I know i took longer time than necessary but i was from a private engineering college with no classes and my weak basics of school had made it more worse.But now i have covered that lonh journey investing a lot of time and money over it. You know i was hardly a average student even.At least now i can claim i am a fully fledged Mechanical engineer.
But i don't know if all this will be worth it or not.You know you hardly use your subject knowledge in jobs.I have not planned to write all this but i just thought there be people there wondering if they are worse among the lot.I guess nobody is.WE all have our share of struggles.
Sorry for being to preachy but if any of you sincerely feels demotivated you can e mail me.I 'll try to guide if you consider me something.