Thursday, 15 September 2011

Amit Kakkar sir...2.

My previous posting about him was more from a student point of view and kind of preaching.Now a more detailed and human look towards him.
 He got 2 gold medals from central govt even before he was 30.First one was for getting 100 marks in physics in UP Board which was first in history.He simultaneously got about 1500 rank in IIT JEE.His dream was to go in Merchant Navy so he went for T S Chankya only to be back in 6 months due to sea sickness which is incurable.Did i mention he got top marks in physics even in IIT JEE exam.Instead of waiting for next year to get into IIT he took admission in NIT.After his B Tech he refused to go for several PSU's and developed huge interest in Astrology.His predictions started coming true and his parents got scared whether he'll leave all moh maya.So they did what Indian parents do best often from by advice of relatives who feel it's their moral duty to guide everyone around especially in matters of marriage of eligible bachelors like him.My dad use to always say people are sad not because of their sadness but other's happiness.That's how we lost a deserving male to some homely girl who probably won't realize how charismatic he is and how many girls are ready to die just to find him as a husband in next birth.
 Well after marriage may be he got responsible and went for M tech in IIT Delhi in Thermal.That's where he got his 2nd gold medal.He got a CGPA of 10 out of 10.Again a earth shattering record.

 From his talks he looks like he has never gone wrong in his whole life.He regrets early marriage though.I just can't help getting jealous of that lucky girl who got Ferrari in lottery called arrange marriage.

One thing i really appreciate is the research and conviction with which he speaks.He only does and speak from through research not only in M E but other topics like health carrying calculator eating chicken etc.Even in the way he describes his family child it gives a impression that he is utterly passionate about his life.And he is successful.It comes to me he's living life of his dreams mostly.And that's what i love about him.But i am a committed girl and i love my boyfriend of 8 years very much.I just want to talk to him and know him more as a person and may be write a book about him.He emits such enthusiasm you know.I won't mind worshiping him.But my boyfriend comes well ahead of him.

Apart from concepts he tells you wonderful story about scientists who made them.Nice engaging technique.I hope even south indian teachers had this innovation about them to make a class interesting.All the time they are just throwing fundamentals examples on your faces.You catch some you lose some.Though this isn't the case with Mr Parveen Kulkarni.
Well time for dinner which has arrived.If you have any of recent story or keen observation feel free to share.My e mail is'll write more after ONGC.It seems like sword is hanging on my head.Time is less work is more.And i have one motto.REVISE REVISE REVISE.


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