Thursday, 12 July 2012

BEL Written Examn pattern for Engineers and my story

I know i am quite late in writing this but may be this post will help students of next year so just ignore it.(I tried to write a serious blog but got carried away so you can read.It's looks kind of funny to me.My BF says self appreciation is my thing so be it)

Well in Bel exam we saw the same peculiar things which started after ONGC 2011 exam.And that is they expect us to calculate with our our minds. In ONGC we were actually expected to calculate Taylor's coeffs and diesel Engine efficiency without calculator in of course very limited time.When i asked this from sir he told they just copy paste questions from previous GATE exams. In BEL exam this was extremely apparent as we were given mathematics(come on!! not maths! but a PSU paper is always unexpected) and yes trade mark questions of GATE linked questions.(can u believe it ! i was the 1st one to solve the thermo question in class but in exam i was clueless).

 So my advice is please just read the questions of OUR made easy gate handbook as this trend was seen in NPCIL and in few others also.But on the spot technique is to mark the questions you know you can solve but taking some time so that if the time remains you can come back for some brownie points.

My exam went bad as i ve shifted to home and i ve hardly known a student who come home and opens book and actually study.Yes i know we ALL carry loads of books home promising ourselves to study but alas! Its a target very few can achieve.I was not fully prepared and kept pushing study and revision to last day and when the last day finally arrived i did not studied for the following reasons.

  • Syllabus is very wide it's impossible to cover it now.
  • We can't predict PSU questions as they are random so why bother.
  • I must not take tension on last day so i should keep my mind fresh so that in could approach paper with new outlook.
I know i play such stupid mind games with myself.At exam i was kicking my a** for not studying those queing theory formula (Trust me they have something against me.No matter how many time i put them in my mind they get misplaced in exam time)  and few other topics.At least i would have got the confidence of "yes, i ve worked hard for this i'll do it". But instead i was getting"I have not studied but lets see how many questions can i afford" feeling.

Whatever i decided to study for CIL exam but you can see how unfocussed non serious i am.Meanwhile i am getting a good dose of "how much time and money you will further waste let's get you married" drama from my mom.