Saturday, 28 July 2012

Coal India written test..

This post is about coal India written test we gave.I wouldn't have written about it as i had forgotten all about it.The experience was bad enough and totally worth forgetting.But a person who's following my blog actually made a point to e mail about it's absence.I wish he had commented on any of my blog instead.But still point taken.

  For next year student paper had 200 questions 100 tech and 100 non tech.
  Non tech questions were fine but i really can't forgive them for keeping engineering mathematics questions there in aptitude and GS section.Come on guys give me a break.Isn't it hard enough you people are giving huge amount of them in tech section. I didn't revise maths at all though i prepared it for GATE.
And what's the fascination about year 2009 dude.I had hard time recalling miss world or miss universe of 2009 leave alone miss earth of 2009(Or 2011 for that matter) We had plenty of clock questions and loads of history.
   Well earlier(pre right to information law) PSU's used to lift questions from R.K. Jain(Yes,this is the most hated book for ALL made easy teachers) or from each others paper.Some questions were right some were wrong but still we had a chance to attempt them. But now when they have one for the readymade things.You know lift your questions from GATE papers you already have the answers so no chik chik no jhik jhik.

Let me tell you , our MADE EASY solved GATE papers is the new"R.K. Jain" now.So learn by heart the questions and answers.That's what time demands now to have a decent job.

 On the positive side time was plenty but questions were too much numerical to even read them or bother solving.Rattafication is the mantra. NO need to revise formulas or concepts. Who cares???
As for as i was concerned after the exam i was again found hitting on my head for the following reasons.
  1. For not studying as usual.I am very serious about watching TV instead.
  2. Fot attempting questions in hurry and in some cases marking responses in hurry.(What's the fascination with black pen?Pencil was soooo.. good).
     3.Not opening GATE book.It's the new bible for PSU's

P.S. Some students were caught saying the got the paper in advance and thus solved all questions.It was being said that paper was available in 4 lakhs to 2 lakhs.People went as far as saying CIL is demanding 13 lakhs for complete selection.Who knows??                                            

I kind of wish this was true atleast it would give me reasons for not getting selected in the exam.By the way i have already told my mom about it.She was convinced ha ha ha..