Monday, 1 April 2013

BEL Interview Experience..

Well i know very few people are actully going to use it as BEL usually takes a few students.

My interview was at Delhi chanderlok building. There were 3 persons on the panel.I was 8 or 9th by sequence. As students were coming out usually taking 20 to 40 mins. Everyone was telling his own story. One student proclaimed that they asked about practical aspects of production like how his watch was made etc etc. Another one said they asked compositions of stee;ls and other material science concepts. One was thrashed for telling his fav subject as HMT as they asked they have no use for heat and mass transfer. Another one was asked all about refrigeration and air conditioning. Some claimed no hr questions were there but threr were others who were asked something like that.
    I said my fav subjects to be HMT and Production thinking they could pick either of them .But i was asked questions from every other subject than these. I was asked following questions..

1. All laws of thermodynamics
2. Entropy.
3.Bernoulli's theorem.
4.Strength of materials diagrams
5.Types of turbine and there uses.
6.Properties of turbine material.

Somehow i was waiting for the interview results but i was kicked out of this interview too making it 6th PSU interview from which i was thrown out. This experience has made me scared of appearing in the interview itself. But it is also true that i never extensively prepared for any interview i gave. And i don't know the reason of this reluctance. But here is my advice to everyone. Please be throughly prepared fro each interview you face. Because at some point you are going to regret it as i am doing now. Though my IES selection has given me confidence and something to be proud of but as a matter of fact i am still considered failure and of course i am still unemployed though i am contemplating a career in coaching other people.
Best of luck...

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