Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Busy days ahead..Bhel,sail,ongc,ntpc

 Every PSU seems to be hiring in bulk nowadays.Especially for mechanical engineers opportunities are much more.With ONGC and BHEL exams on same days ,people are confused and most of them have gone for BHEL. After all 700 posts are something.And now the forms have come again for 550 post for ME and through GATE with no percentage criteria.Well i really appreciate this.One can't be judged with his percentage.Especially with different tech universities opting for different scores and non standard education standards in private institutes.In my case it was a interest which bloomed later.I still cringe when i have to tell my marks to anyone and especially in interviews.It's their fav question.I don't know why they have to look for percentage when looking for selection.Actually it is safest.Don't explore the person just his marksheets.I must say,it is true to some extent also. 

I read new information about NTPC too.It has also decided to go by GATE scores.I wonder who will now go for M tech.Under same breath i ll say why can't this all happened last year.I would have been employed somewhere you know. 
All this mass hiring has made me relax somehow.Atleast now i can concentrate on IES with out worrying much.But now i think i shouldn't have filled HAL and EIL forms.They seems like waste on money.
GATE is the new in thing....

I am so worried to study and have so much to study that i am hardly studying.Only a ENGINEER can understand that.College habits refuse to go.And the reason i am blogging is that i saw i got 5 views yesterday through google search and in felt excited and it motivated me enough to scribble something.
I'll be glad that one when someone actually follows it.I can't even ask my friends to do it as i want to remain anoymous. 

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