Monday, 19 September 2011

Circumstances leading me to MADE EASY...

When i joined made easy i was a mechanical engineering virgin.I read books just for passing exams.I had no feelings for concepts though sometimes i found them amazing.But it was a world which was holding up it's mysteries to me.To escape it altogether i had made up my mind to go for MBA that's why i joined my job in first place.To gain some experience and then opt for MBA at nice institute.
  At my job i realized there is hardly any difference between working of MBA or B tech.You are supposed to take work from your sub ordinates pressing them sometimes inhumanely,Criticize other departments and most important waste time in giving presentations to your boss or others.I worked in designing field which was rather repairing job as we hardly do any creative work in India.All day sitting at computer made me forget my i opted for mechanical engineering in first place.It would have been far better if i had taken IT to sit in front of computer.In this way at least i would have been paid more.
  More retrospection and introspection on my side made me realize that i govt job is much better.Nowadays it pays better,provides resident,there is prestige associated with it and more freedom.I absolutely love the society feeling it gives.And some where inside the passion to do something for my country kicked in.
 So without wasting much time i joined the latest batch possible.

But my this impulsive decision has hardly bore me fruits till now.A grossly unutilised rank of 2400 in gate and few psu selection where i got out in interview hardly matter.Now i know it's the final selection that really matters and gets you out of this waiting phase.It's said this kind of waiting phase comes in everybody's life.And i know i am taking my time to take off but once i do it i am going to leave all of them behind.

The key is not to lose patience and keep working harder.And like every other Made Easy student i secretly harbor feeling to be Made Easy teacher someday.It would be so great  to be on the other side of stage,whiteboard or whatever.To be in those shoes who inspired us, instilled ambition and quality of perfection and more important being passionate in what we do.
What's your story guys???? 


  1. i just bookmarked ur blog :)
    reading every article one by one..
    trust me they are very interesting as it relates to a engineer life in general ;)

    I cleared gate 2014 with AIR 647(presently in IITR) and i want to focus on IES-2015.
    I missed IES_2014 bcoz of bloody ONGC exam whick got leaked nd got cancelled!!

  2. oh your comment made me read a very old post of mine i had forgotten a long time back.
    thank you..
    you're welcome!!

  3. I just came across your blog while trying to google something about NPCIL and believe me, reading every post right from the beginning gave me an idea of what life is going to be next. But then, whatever is worthy, doesn't come easy. Any way, thanks for writing this blog. I think it is going to help me in my journey now. :)

    P.S.: I had similar realizations about my job and am soon going to resign and continue on the road to be an actual Electronics engineer.